A Funaya Inn in Nature-Rich Ine

Ine is full of nature. You can spend lavish moments inside a funaya in an Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. Kura, which has a perfect location right by the sea that is only possible for a funaya, allows you to feel in harmony with nature while being inside, and we strive for hospitality that allows you to feel the warmth of people.

Inn for Only One Group per Day

Kura, the funaya inn, is a renovated funaya in an Important Preservation District for Groups of Historic Buildings. The sea is right in front of your eyes. This is the closest inn to the sea, where you can touch the sea if you reach out.
We offer a completely private space, as our inn can only be booked by one group per day. Please lose your sense of time and enjoy relaxing moments in Ine.

One set-limited luxurious hotel reserved in a boat house a day.
The number of the guest rooms. 2 rooms. (2F Sea side Japanese-style room/Mountain side. 6 seating capacity.
Bath Bath of the Shigaraki ware to see of the sea.
Shower room
Check Check-in/15:00 ~ Check-out/10:00
Equipment of the guest room. Face towel, Bath towel, Yukata, Padded clothes, Tea set, Tooth brush, TV, Air-conditioner,Refrigerator, microwave oven , Kettle pot, Dryer, Body soap, Shampoo, Conditioner, Razor(T-shaped), Restroom with the washing function.
Parking lot One perfection in front of a hotel,after the second unit, please park to the different contract parking lot. (Free of charge)
Pets The pet is impossible.
Smoking cessation in the hall. A hall becomes the all the buildings smoking cessation.
But you can smoke on the seaside of the first floor.
Regular holiday. No fixed holiday.