Private Inn for Only One Group per Day

Our inn (yado) is a renovated funaya, which are homes built on top of sheds on the water that fishers in Ine used to store their boats, that can only be booked by one group each day. The dining room is on the first floor, while the second floor features a guestroom with a bath and a living-room-like space to relax. The guestroom and the bath boast sweeping views of Ine's rows of funaya. Since you would rent out the entire building during your stay, you can enjoy your time comfortably without having to worry about disturbing the other guests.

The Charm of Funaya no Yado: Kura

Our inn, which is among the funaya in Ine, the town that is known for funaya, has a charm that draws in guests. By all means, please come stay at Kura, which has the best location that can only be enjoyed by one group per day, a semi-open-air bath in the guestroom, and various other attractive features!

Ine, the Historic Town of Funaya

Funaya are very rare buildings that can only exist in fishing towns, as they have a boat shed on the bottom level on the water with a residence on the level above it. Ine features rows of approximately 230 funaya packed next to each other as if to line the coast of Ine Bay. These distinctive scenes of Ine, which are even rare across all of Japan, are worth a look!